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Sending a Dollar does not Indicate whether I am Good or Not

Mist Teri started this conversation


I really don't believe that sending you a dollar indicates whether I am good person or not. I tell you what, if you send me a dollar, I will send you a dollar and then we both can be considered, by your definition, good people. I willing to do it if you are.

Again, I think there are plenty of good people out here but it is up to those individuals where they send their money.

I contribute to several organizations a year who would consider me "good". Again, for your research, you can easily go to any philanthropy website or directly to charities and find out how many donors are out there including companies that donate. That would be the best way to see how generous people are. Your approach, although it may not be, comes across as a scam for you to profit from our generosity in the name of an "experiment".



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Thank you Mist Teri for your kind words and donation. I will truly see that your kind act doesn't go unnoticed. So many times people forget the true meaning of just sharing a kind word and what it can mean to someone who is less fortunate. May the thoughts of your day be blessed with laughter and happiness! I would also like to thank you for letting me voice your own opinion. It is very helpful for my report and I would be proud to use your screen name and where I got it from. Love, Sandra

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Confused....yet intrigued!

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Mist Teri

Please feel free to use my quote as long as you acknowledge where you got it. Please feel free to use my screen name...I love your response. I respect the fact that you actually took me up on my challenge. Heck, just for that I will send you a $1.00 without asking anything in return. I will try to get a money order out to you within the next 7 days. Whether I believe you or not is not the issue now because I think we both know where I stand but I do like your comeback.

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You may have your own opinion on how things are done and whether or not it is a scam. And you are right about it being the choice of the people on where to apply their money. I love your response and would love to add it to my report. Is that o.k. with you? Your name will not be used, just your words. And to show you how good and trusting I am I will take your challenge on sending you a dollar..... just tell me where to sent it! love, Sandra

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